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Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014 News Update: Dallas Hospitals No Longer Treating Infected Patients

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Amber Vinson, the 29-year old Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, is reportedly free of the deadly virus.

According to a report from USA Today, Vinson flew from Dallas to Cleveland to help in the treatment of Duncan, who died of the disease on October 8. On October 13, Vinson returned to Dallas on a commercial flight after learning that fellow nurse Nina Pham contracted Ebola, who also helped in treating Duncan. Vinson, a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian, reportedly boarded that flight running a 39.5 temperature, and was later tested positive for Ebola.

Vinson's family said in a statement cited on USA Today that the nurse is gaining her strength.

"We are overjoyed to announce that, as of yesterday evening, officials at Emory University Hospital and the Centers for Disease Control (and Prevention) are no longer able to detect virus in her body," the family said. Vinson's mother, Debra Berry, also said that the entire family is ecstatic of this news and that her daughter will be transferred to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to receive further treatment and observation.

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where Vinson works, will no longer admit patients who have been infected with Ebola, Texas Governor Rick Perry said according to a report from The Hill. The hospital is being widely criticized for failing to treat Duncan, the country's first Ebola patient, thus resulting to Vinson and Pham being diagnosed with the disease.

According to The Hill, Texas health officials are creating two new Ebola treatment centers. Perry stated that Texas Health Presbyterian is not a part of the state's plan to "give them relief."

"In the event of another diagnosis, [these facilities] will allow us to act quickly to limit the virus's reach and give patients the care they need in an environment where healthcare workers are specially trained and equipped to deal with the unique requirements of this disease," Perry added, as cited on The Hill.

The hospital has admitted to mistakes in caring for Duncan, reasoning that the CDC has not given them enough support, The Hill reports. The result is dozens of the hospital's workers are still at risk.

Washington Post reported that President Barack Obama spoke to the health workers at Dallas on Wednesday wherein he "conveyed his thoughts and prayers to their two colleagues who were infected with Ebola and wished them a speedy recovery."

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