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Southwest Airlines 72-Hour Sale 2014: Cheap Flights Under $100 Offers End Thursday

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For a limited time, as part of its winter sale, Southwest Airlines is offering discounted fares for one-way tickets to various locations around the United States. The 72-Hour Sale began Tuesday morning and will run until Thursday, Oct. 16 at  11:59 p.m.

Discounted rates are being offered for flights on the dates of Dec. 3 to Dec. 17 and Jan. 6 through Feb. 11, 2015.

USA Today noted that this isn't the first seat-sale that Southwest Airlines has offered its customers. In the past, sales were offered based on mileage. For example, a one-way ticket for a flight that travels less than 500 miles would cost $49 while from one between 501 to 1,000 miles would be $99. 

However, this time around the mechanics have changed. According to airline spokeswoman Thais Conway, the sale is not being advertised "as a mileage-based sale."

However, the publication notes that the rate schemes are similar to those offered in previous mechanics -- $49, $99, $129 and $149 each way. Nevertheless, regardless of its scheme, the sale gives customers a large discount on air travel expenses.

In its website, the airlines describes its promo as a way "to save on your winter trip" and encourages travelers to avail of "some of our lowest one-way fares of the season, as low as $49, $99, $129, $149, during our big winter travel sale."

The sale did not include the peak flying dates of Dec. 18 through Jan. 6, which are the dates with the highest demand during the year-end holidays. The promo does indicate, however, that travel to/from San Juan, Puerto Rico is valid Dec. 3 through Dec. 11, 2014 and Jan. 13 through Feb. 11, 2015.

To help savvy travelers, Inquisitr notes for those looking for flights that will cost less than $100, you may choose from the following: Atlanta-Richmond, Va.; Austin-New Orleans; Baltimore-Albany, New York; Boston-Baltimore; Buffalo-Baltimore; Chicago Midway-Des Moines; Dallas Love-Amarillo, Texas; Denver-Salt Lake City; Detroit-St. Louis; Grand Rapids, Mich.-St. Louis; Kansas City-Chicago Midway; Los Angeles-Tucson; Minneapolis/St. Paul-Chicago Midway; New York LaGuardia-Akron/Canton, Ohio; Oakland-Orange County, Calif.; Phoenix-Albuquerque; Portland, Ore.-Sacramento; and San Francisco-Las Vegas."

Competition has been hot on Southwest Airlines' heels as United, Virgin American and JetBlue have launched their own sales, but none have matched all the routes being offered by Southwest.

Additionally, if you've already purchased tickets for the included sale travel dates, you can still check for lower rates by visiting the airlines' change air reservation page.

Learn more about the 72-Hour Sale by viewing the complete terms, conditions and exclusions.

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