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Jan Hooks, Bette Davis Impersonator & SNL Star Dies at 57

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"Saturday Night Live" star, Jan Hooks, died on Thursday. She was 57.

The comedienne passed away in New York City, according to TMZ. She was reported to battle a serious illness. Her death was confirmed to CNN by rep Lisa Lieberman, providing no further information.

Remembering Jan Hooks

According to IMDB, Hooks was born on Apr. 23, 1957 in Decatur, Georgia. During her five-year stay in SNL, she impersonated Bette Davis, Ann-Margret, Sally Kellerman and Jodie Foster. Upon her departure from the show, she was proposed by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason to be Jean Smart's replacement on CBS's "Designing Women." She took the offer, playing the role of Carlene Dobber.

CNN noted that Hooks' humble beginnings took place in Atlanta, through "The Bill Tush Show." Eventually, she landed on national TV via "Not Necessarily the News." 

In a report by NBC News, during high school, Hooks moved to Florida from her Georgia hometown in 1973. She attended the University of West Florida in Pensacola. However, the comedienne was not able to earn her degree, as she embraced her acting career

The comedienne was originally turned down for a spot in SNL when she was 28 years old, out of looking way beyond her years.  She got in at 29. NBC News reported that her six-minute audition turned out to be "brutal'--yet the first episode show was even worse.

Hooks' words went, "When the band started, I felt I was being lifted to another level. I stared into space. I must have been catatonic. I remember the hair guy asking me, 'You with me honey?' But deep within my heart I knew I could do it. I felt OK once I was out there. It's like a roller coaster ride. If you make it through the first trip, you can't wait to get back on."

Hooks also starred in various feature films, including "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" (as Tina, the Alamo girl) and "Jiminy Glick in Lalawood" (as Dixie Glick). Her most recent participation was in "30 Rock" as Verna.

She was said to be most acknowledged for her unique skit-playing, wrote New York Daily News. The source added that Hooks credited fellow SNL star Hartman for helping her get rid of stage fright. She was reported to date another co-star, Kevin Nealon, before joining SNL.

The actress worked alongside SNL's biggest celebrities from 1986 to 1991. Among them are Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey and Dennis Miller. Her participation in the franchise catapulted her to popularity. TMZ noted that she is most famous for playing half of the Sweeney sisters, the other being Nora Dunn.

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