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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 2014 Release Update: Nintendo Announces November Launch Date

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After teasing 'Smash Bros.' fans in June of 2011 with the announcement of a new game, fans have waited for more than three years for the game's eventual release date. Finally, 1,263 days later, die-hard fans have their answer for when the fourth installment Smash Bros. will hit stores: November 21 of this year. Smash Bros. will be available in Europe on December 5, followed by Australia and Japan receiving copies on December 6. 

Over the weekend, the world was introduced to "Smash" on the 3DS, which has so far sold a little less than 3 million copies. This portable version of the game is the first of its kind, and if this current success is any indication of future game sales, Nintendo is riding high.

Smash Bros. has always been one of Nintendo's most celebrated games. Those old enough to remember the N64 may recall that there were only eight playable characters in the original game. In present day, fans would tire quickly of the lack of selection, but in the N64 days, eight was plenty to still dedicate countless summer hours in front of of a TV.

There was always that friend who was great with Kirby, sucking and puffing above the competition only to morph into a stone plummeting down to blast an innocent Mario straight off the screen. Smash Bros. has only improved over the years, and while changes have been made, the simplistic nature of pure destruction has always been evident.

The character moves as well as skill equality has always been an essential of factor of success for the franchise. Most players will have their favorite character, but no matter who it is, every character has the ability to be the best depending on the player. In the most recent Smash Bros. games we remember seeing players put on almost perfect performances playing as the Ice Climbers, or even worse: Mr. Game & Watch. With Smash Bros. it never mattered who you picked, so long as you knew how to use them.

While there has been some criticism on the recent character additions from Nintendo, overall fans will surely still buy the game--just steer clear of the Wii Fitness Trainer character. Who in their right mind wants to be a fitness trainer in the Smash Bros. universe? Hopefully Mega Man will be able to make up for some of the lamer characters who will grace the screen in this latest installment of the series.

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