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Samsung Galaxy S6 Price, Specs & Rumors: Release Date Likely Early 2015

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With the advent of the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, Samsung enthusiasts got their eyes on no other device but the Galaxy S6. Set to dethrone the current flagship S5, the highly-anticipated smartphone could hit the market in early 2015, according to Christian Today.

But of course, the Galaxy S6 is expected to face stiff competition from already-established rivals. A "6" for an S6 could mean no other than Apple's iPhone 6 and Plus, which took millions of preorders in the first 24 hours of release.

What odds are in favor of Galaxy S6?

Air Herald took collective rumors into account, sayinhg that the Galaxy S6 will be more resistant and stronger than the iPhone 6. Noting the controversial "Bendgate" phenomenon and series of iOS 8 issues--from delayed apps to update mishaps to hoax features, Samsung might actually win this time.

In addition, the Korean tech giant has been well-known for its phablets--something that Apple has only ventured into recently through the iPhone 6 Plus.

Among the other powerhouse specs expected to come with the S6 are the whopping 20 MP camera, super AMOLED screen display, 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution and a "lethal" chipset processor.

If these already sound grandiose, consider specific predictions from TechRadar which include Android L support under Snapdragon 808 (six-core) or 810 (octa-core) 64-bit processors, Adreno 430 GPU and a 4GB RAM. The outlet noted that "the sky's the limit" for the random access memory.

Sources from Samsung's supply chain spilled that the S6 will come full-metal--noting that the Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 have "tested the waters" in terms of the metal architecture before the flagship device. The S6 will be first in the S-line to ditch the plastic casing, said ValueWalk.

A fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, microSD card slot, fast charging, a UV sensor, multi-directional microphones and a retina scanner may also be present in the upcoming device.

Meanwhile, Trusted Reviews reported on the possible launch date of the Galaxy S6. The source recalled previous releases when Samsung has reserved its S-line unveiling during February, at the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona. Noting that the MWC 2015 is happening from March 2 to 5, chances are high that the announcement of the next flagship could come on either the first day of March or the next.

We have reported earlier that the S6 may not go beyond $1000. At launch, predecessor Galaxy S5 came at $972 SIM-free.

Can Samsung keep up with all the expectations?

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