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NBA Rumors & News 2014-2015 Season: 5 Most Possible Trades

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It takes two to tango in the trade arena, the Bleacher Report said, but even one team's expressed interest in another team's player--or a team's lack of interest in its own athlete--is enough fuel for the rumor mills.

The rumored NBA 2014-2015 trades may not materialize after everything, but who cares? What's there to lose?

We are shamelessly joining the bandwagon, folks. Here are five players that we think will most likely get traded.

[1] Eric Gordon

Although he has been a top player--averaging at least 18 points and 3.5 assists over four seasons--he has a glaring injury history with him. In fact, according to the Bleacher Report, he has missed 115 games in the past three seasons.

A July report on The Times-Picayune revealed that Gordon was one of three players the New Orleans Pelicans was willing to let go to free up cap space. Let's see if the injuries really turn him in for trade.

[2] Iman Shumpert

The New York Knicks has two goals in mind right now: improve its roster and clear salary. Given that, analysts are thinking Shumpert will be a likely casualty, Fansided reported, explaining that he is their most valuable trade asset.

ESPN recently reported that Shumpert is entering the fourth and final year of his rookie contract, but the Knicks haven't contacted his camp yet for a possible extension. Could that be a sign?

[3] Harrison Barnes

The Golden State Warriors might not have a place on the floor for Barnes at present, SB Nation said, and that's enough to think he might be let go.

The seventh overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft has always been a valued bench piece for the team, but the recent addition of Andre Iguodala might distance him from his big minutes, the report said. Barnes saw action in 78 regular season games last season but started in just 24, and Iguodala might threaten his appearances.

[4] Nikola Pekovic

The Minnesota Timberwolves are on a youth movement, a Fansided report noted, and the 28-year-old might get the boot because of that. Gorgui Dieng also performed well in the last season, possibly making him the starting center and forcing the older player off because of the redundancy, it added.

According to the Bleacher Report, even Pekovic's whopping $12.1-million salary makes the possibilities dim for him. This, even as he contributed 16 points and eight rebounds in both of the last two seasons.

[5] Ersan Ilyasova

Citing a Gerry Woelfel tweet, Brew Hoop reported as early as July that the Milwaukee Bucks might let go of the Turkish power forward.

It would not be surprising at all, the report added, explaining that he had already been mentioned as a trade bait frequently, and would have gone earlier if it weren't for his injuries. After taking Jabari Parker, who will begin with a power forward slate, the team might not find use for the 27-year-old anymore, it also noted.

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