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Apple Watch Release Update: Launch Pushed Back Until After Valentine's Day

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It was reported this week that the Apple Watch isn't expected to be released before Valentine's Day, 2015. This is essentially the second delay in Apple Watch production if you count the fact that the smartwatch wasn't ready to launch alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus this fall. This most recent delay is bad news for Apple on a number of fronts, most notably by allowing its competitors more time to try and get their products to market before Apple to hopefully steal more market share than they otherwise would've had if the Apple Watch was still on schedule.

Apple's website currently displays the tagline 'Coming Early 2015' next to an image of the Apple Watch, so, that must be a relative term. GottaBeMobile reports that there were indeed delays that prevented the smartwatch from being launched this year, as originally was planned. BGM also quotes an Apple employee who apparently stated that Apple would be "lucky" if they got the Apple Watch to market by Feb. 14 of next year.

By not launching during this year's holiday season, Apple will undoubtedly miss out on what would be more units sold at launch. So, one must wonder why Apple is having issues bringing the smartwatch to market on schedule. By launching in late February, Apple will run up against next year's Mobile World Congress, an annual event that typically showcases the most anticipated mobile devices coming out shortly after. This means that even if Apple launches in February, 2015, there should be plenty of device announcements to compete with Apple for attention.

The Apple Watch will start selling next year at $349 for the entry-level model, with much more expensive options also available. Three different models have been announced: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition and the regular Apple Watch. Battery life was a topic noticeably missing from Apple's keynote earlier this month. Whether or not the company can produce a wearable with decent battery life will probably be a big part of whether or not the Apple Watch succeeds or fails.

Health and fitness tracking are a big part of what the Apple Watch will do for users, based on Tim Cook's presentation back on September 9. The device will reportedly track activity levels and users' heart rate with its built-in sensor array. The watch will also allow users to make mobile transactions at participating point-of-service terminals with Apple Pay.

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