Updated 07:07 AM EST, Tue, Jan 18, 2022

Jameis Winston Suspended: FSU QB Apologizes for Sexual Comment

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Jameis Winston is now apologizing for standing on a table and yelling an "offensive and vulgar" statement at a student union on Tuesday. The apology comes after being slapped a 30-minute suspension from the next Florida State University Seminoles game.

The Florida State University announced on Wednesday that the quarterback was meted out a suspension for the first half of his team's home game on Saturday for his comment "F--- her right in the p----," the New York Times said. 

"As a result of his comments yesterday, which were offensive and vulgar, Jameis Winston will undergo internal discipline and will be withheld from competition for the first half of the Clemson game," interim president Garnett S. Stokes and athletic director Stan Wilcox said in the statement.

Just after the joint statement was released, Winston said in a news conference that he wanted to apologize "to the university, to [his] coaches and to [his] teammates" for his "selfish" behavior, first reported by Deadspin based on collated Twitter posts.

"I did something so I've got to accept my consequences," the athlete said, as quoted by the New York Times. "We're going to think about moving forward and winning the game."

The weekend game against the Clemson University Tigers is crucial, the report said. Experts say the Seminoles can repeat a championship this season but Clemson, an Atlantic Coast Conference foe, is one of two teams that can derail the possibility of an undefeated regular season, it explained.

According to Deadspin, the stunt in question was inspired by a viral video of a prankster interrupting news broadcasts with the statement which eventually turned into a meme

However, according to SB Nation, the punishment was an outward expression of frustration from the PR nightmare Winston has caused, and was not necesarrily a direct consequence of a harmless act.

He was accused of raping a fellow student in April. He was not allowed to join practices then but Prosecutor William N. Meggs controversially chose not to continue with the case, Newsweek said.  

That issue added to an admission in May that he stole $32.75 worth of crab legs, for which he was suspended from three games and issued an "adult civil citation," Newsweek added. 

Furthermore, the controversy comes as American football is scrutinized for multiple abuse cases, beggining with the footage of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée in an elevator, the New York Times noted.

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