Updated 06:01 AM EST, Tue, Jan 26, 2021

Alienware's Redesigned Area-51 PC Looks Awesome [Video]

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Alienware makes dedicated gaming hardware that can run pretty much whatever you throw at it; plus, it's highly customizable for those of you who like to tinker with you rig. Well, now their Area-51 desktop PC has just got a new makeover, and does it ever look awesomely...alien. You betcha. The tower is sort of a mating between a pyramid and a hexagon. It basically looks like an alien spaceship, because it's Alienware. Apparently the design also helps with the flow of air inside the tower, even if you put it right up against a wall.

They call this new design the "triad-design" and it's based around the principles of "optimized thermal management," and ergonomics. The Area-51 also has some very convenient handles that allow you to easily pick it up and carry it to your next LAN party. But you might want to head to the gym first--this unit weighs a hefty 45 pounds.

Some of the specs of the Area-51 include Intel's top-of-the-line i7 processor (with 6- and 8-core Haswell units) that is, of course, ready to be overclocked to insane frequencies. The processors all have liquid cooling for optimum quiet. Additional internal fans are included to make sure the hot air goes out and the cool air keeps coming in.

The motherboard supports DDR4 memory, but if you're going to upgrade your RAM, watch out--it's expensive. And just in case this device wasn't insane enough for you, Alienware included support for THREE video cards. Yes, three. And we're talking double-wide, full-length graphics cards.

And with that great video card support you know this rig is going to have 4K video. The good news is that the Area-51 can support an unbelievable 11520x2160 resolution across three monitors. The bad news: you're going to need to upgrade your monitor(s).

Alienware hasn't released any pricing info yet, but the device is expected to be available this year, most likely before the holiday rush.

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