Updated 06:49 PM EDT, Mon, May 17, 2021

ASUS Smartwatch Release Date, Specs & Price Rumors: Teaser Photo Shows Curved Display

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A curved wearable device is on the horizon - as hinted by ASUS.

The company has dropped another teaser for its upcoming smartwatch and based on the photo, the wearable device boasts of a "smooth shell" and a "front camera" among many others.

A September 3, 2014 date is also listed on the teaser photo - meaning that the device will take the stage at IFA Berlin next month.

The teaser photo looks like an artistic sketch of the ASUS smartwatch and bears the quote, "Time has been transformed, and we have changed." The saying is by Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese artist, poet and writer.

It is interesting to note that the company seems to be capitalizing on the meaningful quote, which it has also used in the first ASUS smartwatch teaser. However, the laptop and tablet maker is seemingly bent on keeping things under wraps - leaving fans guessing on how it has integrated change and transformation into its latest gadget.

9to5Google noted that ASUS, known for its line of devices bearing the "Transformer" name, could extend the branding to the upcoming smartwatch. The wearable device has not been named yet - officially and unofficially, so a Transformer smartwatch is not that far off.

In an earlier report, Tech Crunch reported that the ASUS smartwatch could also change the market in terms of price range. According to the tech news outlet, "pricing for the [ASUS] device will likely be between $99 and $149 when it launches," citing its source.

Although most likely to cost lower compared with other smartwatches getting the usual $200-ish price tag, Engadget said that the ASUS smartwatch will have an AMOLED screen, like that of the Samsung Gear Live.

"ASUS had also hinted that it could use gesture controls in a smartwatch on top of the usual taps and swipes," the outlet added.

The smartwatch industry is one of the newest markets to emerge after the era of wearable devices was ushered in due to popularity by Google Glass. Though still relatively new, the smartwatch industry already has reputable companies in the mix such as Samsung with its various Samsung Gear models, LG with its G Watch, Motorola with its upcoming Moto 360 and lots more.

Needless to say, the ASUS smartwatch will have to go head to head with the aforementioned smartwatches, as well as other older models like Sony's smarwatch and Pebble's.

How do you think will the Taiwanese company's smartwatch creation perform in the market? Will it truly change and transform the smarwatch industry? Share your thoughts!

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