Updated 11:19 AM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Ferguson Update: Donations for Darren Wilson Top Those for Michael Brown

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As the inevitable Michael Brown court case looms closer, donations are being given to Brown's family as well as the officer in question, Darren Wilson. Although charges have not been officially filed there is little doubt that eventually the case will be heard, whether by legal or civil suit. Legal fees can add up quickly, so it's understandable why the public's donations are an important matter.

While public opinion and media outlets seem to be leaning towards a sympathetic stance in regards to Brown, it is interesting to note that officer Darren Wilson's donation funds top Brown's, $350,000 to $220,000 according to Mashable

The 'crowdfunding' website that hosts both campaigns, GoFundMe, allegedly receives a five-percent fee on all donations. As one Twitter user writes, ""The Darren Wilson @gofundme campaign is now up to $200K. @gofundme's 5% take is $10K. Blood money from the murder of a child. Disgraceful."

The difference in donation amounts could be explained in a variety of ways, but moreover the underlying issue is that the nation is seemingly split on the correct case of action. Naturally, when the court case does ensue and the evidence is all laid out, we will have a more factually correct perspective from which judgment will be passed. 

Rhea Rodebaugh, owner of Barney's Sports Pub in St. Louis, tried to shed some light on the thought process behind supporting Darren Wilson: "I don't know him. The people here don't know him, but law enforcement is family," Rodebaugh told Mashable. "The poor guy is in hiding. He was doing his job. People who become police officers, they do it because they love it."

No matter which side of the aisle you come down upon, a key issue that the Brown tragedy has brought to light is the notion of police officers being equipped with cameras. The use of footage could quickly dispel or condemn the actions of an officer in abuse of power situations.

Since police officers are publicly paid authorities the public has a right to know what is truly going on. Furthermore when a law suit is handed down against a police department, tax payer dollars are being spent on the settlements and proceedings. Transparency is always the best policy when it comes to public funds.

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