Updated 11:39 PM EDT, Sun, Oct 17, 2021

Terrifying Video of a Goliath Grouper Eating a Shark Whole Will Make You Question Everything You Knew About the Ocean

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In news that will make you question ever stepping foot into Florida's ocean again, a group of fisherman off the coast shot this crazy (and slightly horrifying) video of a massive prehistoric-looking fish swallowing a 4-foot shark in a single bite. What? Not terrified yet? Well, wait a minute. It's coming.

The giant, predatorial fish is apparently (really) named a Goliath Grouper, which is obviously an appropriate moniker for a fish that can, oh, I don't know...swallow a shark whole. That is a type of Grouper fish -- not some ancient, shark-battling sea monster that just happened to emerge from the bowels of the ocean -- and it can grow up to 800 pounds.

Oh, and it can also hang around as long as 50 freaking years. Yes, a 50 year old fish can swallow a shark whole.

They gather on shipwrecks and reefs to eat and socialize, and "sport jutting jaws and giant palm fronds for fins and are mottled and spotted in earth tones. They announce their presence to encroaching creatures by squeezing their swim bladders, the air sacs that help keep them afloat," according to National Geographic. 

Awesome, right? Kind of. The cool thing about this video is that the Atlantic Goliath Grouper was once dwindling down in numbers and were legally protected sea creatures, but there's been a resurgence recently, which means that these things are multiplying.

And while we're all for the protection of beasts like these, it's just a bit terrifying to think of what it could theoretically do to your foot. Or arm. Or whatever, really. But still, don't poach them. They're cool, even if they'll maim you. (And sharks.)

According to ABC, grouper fish don't normally snack on sharks, but do apparently enjoy pulling this business off every once in a while, so there's that. This happened and now we don't really want to go snorkeling any time soon.

Please watch your feet around giant Groupers, people. We have a feeling these things don't mess around when they're hungry.

Kudos to the fishermen for not crying like babies, by the way. Cause we totally would have. Enjoy your nightmares, folks.

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