Updated 04:48 PM EST, Sun, Jan 16, 2022

Check Out Nike's New LED Basketball Court, "The House of Mamba": Has Kobe in Awe [Video]

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Sports technology is finally beginning to represent the 21st century. As of late, there have been a slew of new advances that are working toward keeping players safer, as well as giving them better tools to train with.

Nike teamed up with the San Francisco based agency AKQA to produce the "House of Mamba," an interactive basketball court located in China. As you may have guessed, the court is named after the "Black Mamba" himself, Kobe Bryant.

The basketball court is comprised of a floor that is made from purely LED material, meaning that it can be controlled to show anything. The wild light displays are massively entertaining seeing as how basketball courts haven't evolved much over the past 60-years.

The court floor is lined with motion detectors that can track a player's movement at game speed, resembling that of a live video game. The innovative court is a part of Nike's RISE campaign, which gives Chinese fans the chance to train like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

Bryant's usual workout was broken down and put into a digital form that shows on the court. A fan wanting to train like Bryant can see his movements on the floor through the tracker, and follow -- step for step -- Bryant's workout. The campaign will also be turned into an online reality show.

When asked about the new LED court, Bryant looked like he was still in shock from the massive technological adjustment. "It's amazing what can be done nowadays," he said. "And I think the potential, the possibilities for the floor are endless."

It's hard to imagine the NBA adopting this new technology in its current form. For training purposes, the court seems to be extremely useful, but in a game time setting, the sheer 'wow factor' takes the viewers' attention off the player and focuses it on the floor. It's unclear how much the Nike court cost to build, but it looks expensive.

While the NFL has been busy going after Europe, the NBA has chosen to try and bring in more Chinese fans to the game. NBA players frequently play summer ball in China, as well as make special marketing trips. If you think Kobe Bryant is popular here in American, you should see him in China.

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