Updated 11:54 AM EST, Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Ferguson Riots: Video Shows Police Brutality Extending to Protesters in Ferguson as Officers Fire on Unarmed Crowds (Video)

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In the fourth day of violence in Ferguson, Missouri, a shrill crowd control alarm can be heard over a woman screaming 'Don't run," in a video just before police begin firing non-lethal bullets, tear gas and flash grenades into a crowd of peaceful protesters.

However, reports said some demonstrators had thrown Molotov cocktails at police. The response included heavy gun fire which is captured in a video of a live report from the scene. St. Louis County authorities are still looking into the the incident that sparked the protests, as the FBI recently opened its own civil rights investigation into the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager shot to death by police. The officer who shot the 18-year-old has still been unnamed, although, he has been placed on administrative leave.

The Ferguson police force is working with the Justice Department to try and calm the community, but police say the crowd has allegedly started throwing rocks and other objects at officers. Groups of residents are still urging justice in the matter. In the video, the person narrating says that the firing on the civilians by the police was unprovoked.

While the investigation continues, reports say that the incident began with an accusation that Brown or someone with him had stolen cigars from a gas station. The alleged theft report was made to police who confronted Brown and told him to get on the sidewalk. Reports say the officer was allegedly attacked, and police have said the unnamed officer did show signs of assault, with a swollen face.

On Wednesday night, authorities in paramilitary gear pushed the crowd back, with many residents allegedly blocked from going to their own homes. "We literally have no place to go," the newscaster said as billows of thick white smoke envelope the area. "It doesn't make any sense," one resident can be heard saying.

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