Updated 09:51 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2021

Indiana Pacers Update: Rebuilding Mode After Paul George's Injury? Team Allegedly Shopping Roy Hibbert, Plus Roster News, Trades & Season Predictions

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The Indiana Pacers are reportedly ready to cut ties with all-star center Roy Hibbert. Although the trade rumors are being kept on the down low, Matt Dery of New Detroit Sports 105.1 has said that the Pacers are exploring a possible trade with the Detroit Pistons. The trouble in paradise began when Paul George broke his leg during a Team USA scrimmage. The injury will cost George his 2014/15 season, leaving the Pacers to assess the damages and begin to rebuild.

Hibbert is a talented big man, but his recent stint in the NBA Playoffs has proven once again that he lacks the killer instinct. Hibbert was completely shutdown by the Miami Heat and Washington Wizards, leaving GM Larry Bird to ponder Hibbert's future with the team.   

A year ago today, the Indiana Pacers found themselves in a great position with a starting lineup of Hibbert, West, George and Stephenson. Although they had just lost to Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals, things were looking up for the young team. Today, the Pacers find themselves without George and Stephenson, while trade talks surround Hibbert.

It's unclear where Hibbert will eventually end up. There is a possibility that Hibbert will still be in a Pacers jersey when the season starts. Detroit already has Andre Drummond at center; a young star who the team wishes to build around. Adding Hibbert to their roster seems to be an unlikely move.

Larry Bird has obviously decided that the current Pacers roster cannot contend for an NBA Championship. The ship is sinking, so rather than drag out the ordeal, the Pacers are cutting ties. David West is nearing the end of his career and will become a free agent next summer. The Pacers need to shoot for the 2016 season, when George will hopefully be back to his former glory.

Defense has never been an issue for the Pacers, but their lack of offensive production has greatly hurt the squad when it comes to deep playoff runs. Look for the Pacers to try and go younger, while they slowly phase out the veterans from the current roster. 

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