Updated 05:49 AM EST, Sat, Jan 16, 2021

'BioShock' for iOS: Game Coming to iPhone & iPad This Summer

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It's confirmed, the original "BioShock" is going to be an iOS game that will be available this summer. The game, developed by 2K Games and first launched back in 2007, is said to bring a consistent first-person shooting experience to iOS devices.

"BioShock delivers a true triple-A first-person shooter game experience on the iOS platform, by sending players on an underwater adventure to explore the submerged Art Deco city of Rapture, fighting deranged survivors of a failed objectivist utopia and genetically modifying their own DNA to gain superhuman powers," 2K Games said via PCMag.com.

This iOS move will mark the game's first jump into a portable device. Through it's Twitter account, 2K posted the following tweet on the news:

Modifications have been made on the software to allow gaming on iOS devices. Per Polygon, the game has been scaled down to allow it to fit within the 2 GB limit of Apple with some effects like fog and the shadows having been omitted.

The site notes, along with other gaming resources like Engadget, that "BioShock Mobile feels very much like the original, especially when played on an iPad and with a controller" but the controller experience was noted to have been frustrating.

During its initial launch in 2007, "BioShock" was released on Xbox 360 and PC andwas later made available for the PS3. A sequel was then released back in 2010 followed by a third, "BioShock: Infinite" launched in 2013.

To date, no information has been released in terms of the exact date as to when the game will be available through the App Store. There was also no mention if any of the other trilogy games would be made available.

With pricing kept under wraps, Engadget reveals that developer 2K Games is looking to get a "premium game" price tag. The site estimates the game to be pegged somewhere between $10 to $30 range.

"BioShock was such a huge game back when it released," Ben Holschuh, production assistant on the game said per Polygon. "With more and more people having iPads and iPhones and using that as their core gaming device, there has been a lot more demand lately for some more core experiences.

"BioShock seemed to make a lot of sense," continued Holschuh.

What're your thoughts on the transition? Would you play the original "BioShock" on an iOS device?

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