Updated 06:41 AM EDT, Tue, Apr 20, 2021

Masahiro Tanaka Elbow Injury: Inflammation Serious? Yankees Player to Get MRI

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New York Yankees' right hander, Masahiro Tanaka, has taken a break from the game after he decided to have an MRI on his right arm because of elbow inflammation. 

The 25-year-old player from Japan has showed amazing statistics and dominated the games from April to June but "his past two starts yielded disappointing results," Yahoo Sports reported.

He was placed on a 15-day disabled list by the New York Yankees.

According to the New York Post, Tanaka went to New York on Wednesday to have his MRI exam. He is expected to go to Seattle on Thursday to be examined by the team's head physician, Dr. Chris Ahmad. The New York Post noted that Ahmad prefers to check his patients in person rather than just look at an MRI result. New York Post added that Tanaka was already experiencing soreness after the Yankees lose to the Indians.

In an interview with USA Today, Tanaka shared that he was having difficulties because of his injury. "I do understand the reason why I was struggling. But it's really difficult for me to tell you why that was," he added.

In a report from Fox Sports on MSN, Yankees manager, Joe Girardi, admitted that Tanaka's absence is a big blow to the team. "You're always worried when you have a guy go back for an elbow MRI. It would be a big loss. Anytime you lose a starting pitcher, they're hard to replace. And what he's done for us, the innings and the wins and the quality of starts, it's hard to replace,"  he said.

Yahoo sports noted that "The Yankees already have lost CC Sabathia to a knee injury; it's possible he might not pitch again in 2014. Michael Pineda has been shelved with shoulder problems for most of the season as well, and Ivan Nova had Tommy John during the recent season."

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