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Will Josh Gordon Face Suspension After DUI & Speeding Incident?

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When Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was arrested on July 4 for driving while impaired and speeding, fans almost instantly asked one thing that matters most: Will he be suspended from the NFL?

He will not be disciplined by the NFL or the Browns until the case has made its way through the criminal system, the Bleacher Report says. The athlete may already be under a year-long or indefinite ban from the league.

Gordon was driving a 2014 Cadillac Escalade owned by P.J. Hairston, a former North Carolina basketball player. He was arrested around 3 a.m. on Saturday in Raleigh, Sporting News said. The vehicle was registered to Samuel Peterson Hairston Jr., P.J.'s full name, it adds. 

The alcohol content in his blood was .09 and he was bailed out of prison by convicted felon Hayden "Fats" Thomas. The player's arrest signal's a halt in his 2014 career which is already bleak as he is facing suspension for substance abuse.

ESPN reported that Gordon had issues with substance abuse since he was in high school. The same report noted that people close to him have urged him so seek medical help so as not to ruin his career.

Bleacher Report also took note of the fact that Gordon continued using illegal substances when he was in college which even led to him being kicked out of the team for using marijuana.

The player's appeal will be heard in July and a settlement is likely to happen but Bleacher Report notes that the Browns would be "better off" without Gordon. This statement was agreed to by Hall of Fame wide receiver and ESPN anayst Cris Carter who said that the Browns should cut him. 

"If I'm the Cleveland Browns, and this is gut-wrenching to say this, but I really believe the only thing that's going to help the kid is if they release him," Carter said in an ESPN radio program.

Carter was himself released by Buddy Ryan when he played for the Eagles because of issues on street cocaine and alcohol. Eventually, CBS Sports said, he would land in Minnesota, become sober and improve as a football player. 

"We're dealing with disease. If Josh had cancer we'd put him in a treatment center," Carter said, adding that no one wanted to do the hard thing. "Everyone wants to keep coddling him ... and eventually it's going to blow up ... and his career is in jeopardy," he added.

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