Updated 01:21 AM EDT, Wed, May 12, 2021

Maite Perroni Talks Filming 'La Gata,' Working in Mexico City's Largest Dump

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Maite Perroni has been filming "La Gata" for two months, and she opened up about her experiences shooting the upcoming telenovela.

"I'm very happy," she said to El Mañana. "I think 'La Gata' is a project that allows me to develop in the areas I most like, music and acting. With this novela, I'm super happy that it's a story that moves me very much and each episode that I see makes me excited, and it has a good rhythm. We are telling a very real story."

As for the music, the song, which is a bachata, won't be released until the premiere of the series on May 5. It will be released on the show and later it will be on the radio.

Perroni has been working on the border of Xochiaca, which is the largest dump in Mexico City. They started filming on Feb. 10, and this location is where her character comes from.

"It's a special place," she said. "We have met incredible people. We've been able to share with the people that are there that either live or work there. It's been a beautiful thing. We laugh, eat together and they support the show, and you realize that this is the kind of life someone leads. You have to respect that."

She was drawn to the role in "La Gata" because she would be able to learn about someone else's life. It didn't take her long to feel moved by the place, she said. She even said that this role is one of the most important she has played to date.

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