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WWE Raw Results for April 15: Triple H, Batista, & Randy Orton Reunite as Evolution Before Taking Out The Shield

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Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender Tournament Match: Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio
With Christian out with a concussion, a tournament will determine Intercontinental champion Big E's next challenge at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV). RVD kicked off the show, in a tournament match, and managed to outsmart ADR tripping him off the top rope before climbing the turnbuckle himself and hitting the Five-Star Frog-Splash to move on in the tournament.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

Backstage, Triple H attempts to convince Batista and Randy Orton to help him against The Shield, who have turned their back on The Authority last week as the WWE COO, "The Viper" and "The Animial" attempted to take the gold away from WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. Batista told Triple H that he just wants to be champion while Randy Orton says he wants his title back, telling the WWE COO that he is on his own against The Shield.

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs Ryback & Curtis Axel
Ryback and Axel have had their struggles in the past but instantly put themselves back in the tag team title hunt defeating Rhodes and Goldust after Rhodes attempted a Disaster Kick only to eat a Meathook Clothesline from Ryback for the pin.
Winner: Ryback & Curtis Axel

WWE & NXT Divas Paige vs Alicia Fox (non-title)
After defeating AJ Lee last week on Raw for her WWE Divas title, "The Diva of Tomorrow" took on Alicia Fox this week and showed the world why she belongs on WWE's main roster. Paige took three Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreakers from Fox but recovered, clotheslining Fox and making her tap out to the Scorpion Crosslock for the win.
Winner: Paige

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs Randy Orton & Batista (non-title)
The Usos honored the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior coming out in similar war paint, as they took on the two former singles champions in a tag match. The bout spun out of control only to have The Shield interfere, on the siblings behalf, forcing a disqualification loss by the champions.
Winner: Randy Orton & Batista by disqualification

Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender Tournament Match: Cesaro (w/ Paul Heyman) vs Mark Henry
Cesaro, who has been on a huge roll since Wrestlemania 30 and joining up with Paul Heyman last eidition of Monday Night Raw, advanced in the tournament defeating "The World's Strongest Man" in convincing fashion laying out the strongman with the Neutralizer finisher for the win.
Winner: Cesaro

Triple H is backstage with Raw general manager Brad Maddox and tells him to inform The Shield they are slated to be in the main event.

Xavier Woods (w/ R-Truth) vs Alexander Rusev (w/ Lana)
Rusev made quick work of Xavier Woods, clamping The Accolade to make Woods tap out, before laying out Woods' tag team partner and mentor R-Truth after the bout.
Winner Alexander Rusev

Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender Tournament Match: Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) vs Sheamus
Sheamus had to escape a Patriot Lock at one point in match, with Swagger all over the Irishman, but quick thinking on the "Celtic Warrior's" part allowed him to nail Swagger with a Brogue Kick as he was runnning back into the ring to end the match, with Sheamus advancing in the tournament, much Lana's delight.
Winner: Sheamus

The Big Show vs Damien Sandow
The match failed to start after Sandow refused to put the mic down as he talked down to the Big Show, preventing the opening bell from sounding off, only to eat a WMD for failing to shut up before the match even started.
Winner: No Contest

Bray Wyatt came out and challenged John Cena to a Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules promising to unleash the monster inside Cena at the PPV.

Santino & Emma vs Fandango & Layla
Fandango has switched dance-partners of late, ditching Summer Rae for Layla, with the change netting positive results for the dance duo. Layla made the tag in a key moment and scored the pin on Emma for her team's victory.
Winner: Layla & Fandango

Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender Tournament Match: Dolph Ziggler vs "Bad News" Wade Barrett
Fighting for the last spot in the Intercontinental Championship number one contenders tournament, Ziggler attempted a Zig Zag and roll-up to get the pin on Barrett, only to get nailed with a Barrett Barrage to fall to the man known as "Bad News."
Winner: Wade Barrett

11-on-3 Handicap match: The Shield vs Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Fandango, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Titus O'Neil, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Alexander Rusev, and Bad News Barrett
The Shield's defiance earned them a handicap match against 11 other WWE Superstars, with the referee losing control of the match early on, and the melee turning into a mauling of "The Hounds of Justice" before Evolution's music hit, and the three members of the clique - Triple H, Batista, & Randy Orton - began to dispose of what's left of The Shield. Seth Rollins ate an Orton RKO, while United States Champion Dean Ambrose took the brunt of a hybrid RKO Batista Bomb and Roman Reigns was KO'd with a Pedrigree to end the show with Evolution standing tall.
Winner: No contest

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