Updated 12:07 PM EST, Thu, Nov 26, 2020

EA Sports UFC: New Grappling System, DLC & Why There's No Fighter Share Option

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For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users, the first EA Sports UFC game will be out in just a matter of months.

Though the developers still haven't given a specific date, stating that they always planned for a late spring or summer release, notes MMA Junkie. It was decided that it was not worth making the game for current-gen consoles because the developers didn't want to split their focus.

There is an all-new submission battle system.

"Everybody would love if you could make the submission system like the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and you could play without putting some abstract thing on the HUD or the screen," said a developer. "I would love to make some hardware that you could put on your head and you feel everything, but until we get to something like that, we will be somewhat limited about how we can implement BJJ into the game. That being said, we did want to bring more to the BJJ game in this new UFC. We didn't want to make it, 'Hey, we're on the ground, I'm going to hit a button for a submission and we will have a battle.'"

As far as scoring goes, many different things will be accounted for. Submission attempts and the effectiveness of strikes are just a few. And there might be some judges who prefer striking more than grappling, or vice versa.

Some details are still not finalized, such as what players will be included, but there's going to be about 100 fighters to start. And more should be available to download.

In EA Sports MMA, users could create fighters and share them online, but this won't be an option for EA Sports UFC.

"But nowadays when people make YouTube clips and share them, there's this whole grey area where if our game allows users to make a Rocky character that's the intellectual property of somebody else, it causes a ton of problems," the source said. "There is a Create-A-Fighter and you could create your own Rocky, but when we are facilitating the sharing of content, it gets very difficult."

This is something that impacted the developers when making the game. Though your favorite fighters will be recognizable, they will be missing some of their trademarks, such as Ronda Rousey's Olympic tattoo.

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