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NBA Trade Rumors 2014: Boston Celtics' Danny Ainge Accepting Calls For Rajon Rondo, But Not Actively Shopping Him

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The Boston Celtics are still mum on the future of Rajon Rondo with the team as the 2014 NBA trade deadline approaches.

Previous reports suggested that most teams in the league are convinced the Celtics are just waiting for the right opportunity and perfect offer to come before finally dealing the only player left from their 2008 championship team.

A recent report from CBS Sports indicated that Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has been accepting calls about the availability of Rondo, but Ainge is continuously turning down offers for their All-Star point guard.

Ainge has been very vocal about his intention to keep Rondo and rebuild the Celtics around him.

Rondo has been a constant subject of trade talks in the past few seasons, but sources indicated that the only time Ainge considered trading the 27-year-old point was during a point in which they could have acquired Chris Paul in a trade with New Orleans several years ago.

"To all other inquiries about his prized point guard, Ainge keeps saying the same thing: No," CBS Sports noted.

But while Ainge is remaining firm on his stance on Rondo's situation in Boston, analysts believe that the Celtics will reach a point in which they will have no choice but to part ways with their prized point guard.

The eight-year veteran guard, who is coming off a one-year layoff due to an ACL injury, will become a free agent in 2015, and the Celtics could run the risk of losing him for nothing should they keep turning down trade offers for Rondo.

Rondo previously said that he wants to stay and finish his career in Boston, but it remains to be seen whether or not the Celtics can build a title-contending team around Rondo before he hits free agency in the summer of 2015.

The New York Knicks, who are planning to make a big free agency splash in 2015, are expected to become one of the top suitors for Rondo since they are mulling pairing him with Carmelo Anthony, should the All-Star forward decides to stay in New York beyond this season.

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