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Xbox One News: Phil Spencer Hints at Big Plans for E3 2014, Teases Announcements

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Does Microsoft have more exclusive games up its sleeve for 2014 than it's letting on? As one of the company's top executives recently suggested, Microsoft might just have something huge it plans to debut at E3 2014. 

Asked by a fan on Twitter about the possibility of new unannounced Xbox One games being revealed and when that could happen in 2014, Phil Spencer suggested the company may be already planning out its E3 surprises months in advance.

"We will have announces [sic] in 2014, already working on the plan. I want to have a great E3 this year," wrote Spencer. 

While E3 traditionally is the time that developers and publishers attempt to steal the spotlight with previously unannounced games, it seems as though Microsoft is preparing some surprises early to ensure that they leave a mark on the 2014 edition of E3.

The potential list of games Microsoft could surprise fans with E3 is fairly large. After all, it's still early in the life cycle for the Xbox One, so Microsoft could announce a next-gen entry for many different franchises and potentially steal the show at E3. For example, a next-gen Gears of War game could be announced at E3.

In addition, developers known for other franchises could use E3 as a launching point for a new IP. For example Lionhead Studios, the company behind the Fable franchise, is working on a new IP that could be revealed at E3. This, plus a demo of the already announced Fable Legends game could knock the socks off of gamers at the annual event. Black Tusk Studios, a studio created solely for the purpose of creating the next big franchise for Microsoft, is also working on several unannounced projects for the Xbox One. Of course, Microsoft could always reveal a new Halo title or elaborate on the previously announce Halo game that was revealed at the 2013 E3 event.

In any case, Microsoft has several months to plan for E3, so things could change drastically before then. New projects could be leaked in the months ahead, and deals could be made between different companies to bring exclusives to the Xbox One.

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