Updated 06:38 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Bethesda 'Fallout 4' Mods Delayed PlayStation 4; Release Date Elusive

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Mods are popular in gaming communities especially 'Fallout 4' fans. However, just when the Xbox One mods have been released by Bethesda, the company announced that the PS4 mods will have to be delayed for mysterious reasons.

PS4 Mods Delayed Possible Reasons

Bethesda tweeted this week on their account regarding the delay of the PS4 Mods Beta for "Fallout 4." A thread of fans and followers of the game ask for specifics as to why the mods were delayed. One fan said that the PS4 as a platform has limitations unlike the Xbox One and Bethesda is having a hard time trying to fit features.

"Fallout 4" is playable via PC, Xbox One and PS4 and but the mods for Xbox One and PS4 are severely limited. According to the outlet, the Xbox One allows more space up to 2GB on the hard drive but the PS4 only allows up to 900MB. Furthermore, PlayStation has compatibility issues with the performance, memory and textures of the game.

Apart from "Fallout 4" issues, Bethesda is having more problems with Sony as a whole. The sound files used in mods aren't easily translated to the Sony console because of proprietary issues.

PS4 Mods Release Date?

Unless Bethesda has already worked out the issues with the PS4 console and Sony, the mods won't be available anytime soon. Since the gaming company is intent on releasing a PS4 version for "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" on October, they might have ironed out the issues and/or release the "Fallout 4" mods before then.

Mods were only previously exclusive for PC gamers, but Bethesda has gone ahead and released separate versions for two of the most best-selling consoles. Furthermore, they also have a mod support for quirks and bugs. The mod support and Creation Kit tools are already available for Xbox One and PC.

Xbox One DLC

The new Xbox One mods beta has already been released. The new features for the new content on Xbox One contains: more space for Mod text/details, new selections for Most Popular filters, new categories for Reporting, and option to disable or delete all mods is now available.

Were you disappointed that the mods for the PS4 have been delayed by Bethesda?

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