Updated 02:31 PM EST, Mon, Jan 18, 2021

How to Spend Valentine's Day with the Whole Family

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The day for romance and love is here once again. Valentine's Day is a much-anticipated celebration for this weekend.

Since the special occasion falls on a Sunday, many families are considering perfect ways to celebrate it with their loved ones.

Here are some suggested ways on how you can enjoy Valentine's Day with the entire family this coming weekend.

Movie Night

One way of enjoying the company of family members is to watch movies together. Patch said this can be enjoyed in a theatre or at home, while you all sit and relax in front of a television screen, eating some popcorn.

It would also be apt to watch romantic movies since love is being celebrated on this day. Some great suggestions are "Sleepless in Seattle," "500 Days of Summer" and "Titanic.


Exchanging presents is another perfect way to show your family that you love them and appreciate them in your life. But the gifts do not have to be grand to make them feel that they are loved. Remember, It's the thought that counts.

The Epoch Times said that simple gifts or even gestures will do as long as you make them feel appreciated and valued.

Simple treats like ice cream and other sweet treats can also be enjoyed by the entire family.

Eat out or cook for your loved ones

A celebration like this can best be highlighted with a dinner with your friends and family in a restaurant or a simple get-together at home.

You don't need to choose fancy restaurants. Budget-friendly eating stops will already be a special treat for family members.

According to Aha! Parenting, a dinner in your house could be transformed in a lovelier gathering with dancing and candles as decorations.

Be creative. Turn everything in your surroundings into hearts

The Epoch Times said this exciting activity will stir creativity for all members of the family. Individuals can shape their food, including fruits, bread and even desserts into hearts.

Turning everything you see into heart shapes is an interesting and cute idea for the whole family to do.

Go on an adventure

For those who love the outdoors, going hiking, camping or swimming is a great activity for all.

According to Babble, it would be fun to disconnect with the entire world for a single day, meaning no gadgets at hand nor work on the mind. Families can instead enjoy the beauty of nature while they bond on a trail or lake.

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