Updated 03:12 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 22, 2021

Hulu to Offer International Service to go Head-to-Head Against Netflix

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Hulu is looking to offer Netflix some serious competition. The streaming service is now going global, offering international service to go head-to-head against its bitter rival.

Tech Radar reported that one of the senior executives of 21st Century Fox has teased of a possibility of Hulu hitting the global market. These plans were dropped in the UK as there was an apparent conflict with advertisers with ITV as well as other broadcasters.

Now that Hulu has learned from its previous mistakes, it hopes to work on a more international market, putting itself out there against Netflix.

The American online company has tried to make it big in the global market with little to no success. It had become available in Japan, only to have the company sold to Nippon TV in 2014. Hulu has since then been focusing on becoming a more worthy adversary of Netflix, which has recently made itself available to other parts of the globe, such as Asia and the Americas, reports TVB Europe.

Netflix has become aggressive as of late, wanting to dominate the international market and branching itself out to all corners of the globe. Netflix CEO and Co-founder Reed Hastings said that the number of countries that Netflix services has numbered up to 190 as of late.

While Hulu does not have shows like Jessica Jones available on its streaming service, it has come a long way since its early days. Last year, Hulu has signed an exclusive deal to stream future AMC shows. Hulu chief of programming Craig Erwich regarded AMC and FX as some the most highly watched in television nowadays with shows like "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead."

It has also heavily marketed its original programming such as its take on the Stephen King thriller,  "11/22/63/"  

However, Netflix still isn't available in certain territories such as China. Hastings said that the company is looking into ways to make Netflix available in the country. North Korea, Crimea and Syria are also some of the countries where Netflix has not yet been made available.

Hulu has said that for now, the company is focusing on keeping things local. While there is an opportunity for Hulu to compete in an international market, the decision will have to lie with the shareholders. The company's decision to compete on a more global scale is uncertain -- the company has some big shoes to fill in order to make it big in the international market. 

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