Updated 02:37 AM EDT, Thu, May 13, 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio Claims 'The Revenant' Filming Gave Him a 'Terrifying' Glimpse of Climate Change in South America

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Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio claimed that had a "terrifying" glimpse at climate change in South America and Canada during the filming of "The Revenant."

According to New York Daily News, the actor learned that extreme temperatures have become normal for residents in the location shoots for his new movie, which included Argentina, Mexico, British Columbia and Alberta.

"We shot at high altitudes in Calgary, and weather conditions were unprecedented. The locals had told us they'd never had weather extremes like that since they've lived there," DiCaprio added.

DiCaprio also noted that last year was the hottest in history and December was the hottest month -- the opposite of the usual cold weather during the Christmas season.

Coming to theaters this February 3, "The Revenant" tells the story of a "frontiersman" who embarks on an expedition on fur trading during the 1820s. IMDB said he had to fight bears and even members of his hunting team during his journey.

New York Daily News said DiCaprio and the entire cast of "The Revenant" had to endure changing temperatures when they shot the movie at various locations.

"Our weather is dramatically changing. We had to go to the southern tip of Argentina just to be able to find snow to complete the film," the actor was quoted by the same report as saying.

The actor also noted in a similar Breitbart report that his first-hand experience with the changing climate was "terrifying."

It was highlighted that DiCaprio considers climate change as "the most existential human crisis" in the world.

According to USA Today, "The Revenant" main actor also recognized the power of the world and the people to change the climate for thousands and even millions of years.

DiCaprio also revealed that he is working on a documentary, which focuses on climate change.

"I hope I'll be able to complete this documentary in the next few months and show people my journey. And give people some of that knowledge," he added.

New York Daily News also underscored that this advocacy has made the actor adore Pope Francis, whom he recently met at the Vatican. The pontiff has previously denounced economies based on fossil fuels.

DiCaprio tagged the Pope as an inspiring person, since he is very outspoken about the climate change issue.

These advocacies of the actor started way back in 1998 when he established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which aimed to extend assistance to biodiversity and threatened ecosystems.

Since then, he has also taken the time to educate people about climate change in visits to various countries.

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