Updated 12:29 AM EST, Sun, Mar 07, 2021

Gal Gadot Teases New Wonder Woman Details in 'Batman v Superman'

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Gal Gadot is set to kick ass as Wonder Woman in the epic superhero film, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." While the film won't be in theaters for another two months, fans of the DC Comics franchise cannot help but contain their excitement as March draws ever closer.

In a report with Empire Online, Gal Gadot teased a few new details regarding the Amazonian warrior's role in the epic battle film. Gadot, who is also set to star in the standalone Wonder Woman movie that is to be released next year, said her take on Wonder Woman will be a bit different, as the Amazonian princess will have become a jaded version of herself.

Gadot said that she has dedicated herself towards training to play the role of Wonder Woman, which required a strict fitness regimen and seven months of traning prior to her being on set. She added that her "12 years as a dancer" also paid off in her role.

The 30-year old Israeli actress added that Wonder Woman "has seen it all," and she has grown tired of man because she has seen what humans are capable of doing and knows how much damage they can do.

Asked if Wonder Woman had a lighter side, the actress had this to say:

"She also can be naughty," she teased.

She also talked of Diana Prince's independence and level-headedness. Gadot told the website that it has always been her dream to play the role of a strong woman. This would mean that Wonder Woman would most likely clash heads with Superman and Batman in the film. She added that she also wanted to play the role of a woman "who needed no man," and Diana Prince was it. 

Comingsoon.net says that Wonder Woman will be "coming out of retirement" in the upcoming film. The standalone Wonder Woman film will be set during World War I and Diana will be exposed to the ravages of war. But it is also because of these events that she will be shaped into the role of a warrior and leader that she is.

Gadot admitted, however, that it would be hard for Wonder Woman to come back and fight again. She also revealed that she enjoyed her role because she got to do "crazy stuff with a lasso."

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" debuts in theaters on March 25. Gadot will also reprise her role in "Wonder Woman," which is set to open on June 23. 2017.

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