Updated 10:47 PM EST, Mon, Nov 23, 2020

Marco Rubio Declares he Will Defeat Hillary Clinton & Save America in New Campaign Ad

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Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio said that he will "defeat Hillary Clinton" and "save America" in his new presidential campaign ad. Despite his current performance in the polls, the Florida Senator is determined to make his final pitch to voters clear.

In a report with New York Times, Marco Rubio is shown to be steadily gaining support in the caucuses. Rubio is focused on campaigning his fight for change following President Barack Obama's two terms in office. In the latest political ad that was first released in The Guardian, Rubio said that the United States was slowly "slipping away."

The United States Junior Senator for Florida declared that the elections all came down to one thing, which  was defeating presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He warned that America would suffer "extraordinary consequences" should Clinton come into power.

He added that should he win the vote, he promised to "save America." The presidential candidate said that after seven years of President Obama in office, America was left with what would be some of the greatest challenges this current generation has ever experienced.

Rubio said in his campaign ad that he was asking for the people's votes. He promised that he would make it his personal mission to make the United States, "the single greatest nation in all mankind."

Marco Rubio is currently making his final campaign in Iowa ahead of Monday's caucuses. The political ad will be aired all across Iowa on Thursday. While many Iowans want Donald Trump to win the caucuses on Monday, a Trump victory might prove to work to Rubio's advantage. 

The Guardian reports that Rubio has become a more formidable Republican opponent to Hillary Clinton. Rubio added that should be be voted, he vows to "unify the Republican party" and grow the conservative movement.

Rubio also hopes to convince those "people who have not voted for us in a long time," by saying that he has also experienced similar difficulties as the majority of the voters. He cited his own experience growing up in a working-class household and his struggles with financial difficulties as examples.

"I have faced what you are facing, and I am a conservative." he said. 

He went on to take a shot at Clinton, saying that this was all about "defeating Hillary Clinton."

"We cannot lose this election," he declared. 

He took a shot at his other opponents as well, saying that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were all engaging in "theatrics."

Marco Rubio said that Trump and Cruz's "slideshows" are interesting, but he stressed that this was "serious work."

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