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EA Developing 'Star Wars: Imperial Commando' Game for 2017 Release? [Details]

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EA Games may be brewing something for Star Wars fans in the form of "Star Wars: Imperial Commando," a sequel to "Star Wars: Republic Commando," which is pegged for release in 2017.

According to Techno Buffalo, word about the new Star Wars game came from the Star Wars Leaks subreddit, specifically from a Reddit user known as Alpha_Cukie.

The outlet noted that the online leaker posted two different screenshots that suggests a new "Commando" game, set for release at the E3 2016. It is based on a novel entitled "Imperial Commando: 501st," written by Karen Travis. 

Like the novel, the new "Star Wars" game is created as a continuation of the "Republic Commando" series, which tackles the events following the "Clone Wars," according to an official synopsis on GoodReads.

The first image shows a login page where users are supposed to input a name of any of the Commandos from the "Republic Commando" as well as a password.

The second screenshot Alpha_Cukie posted shows what appears to be a countdown clock that expires on the upcoming E3 event, with EA's logo at the bottom center of the screen.

After that, the online leaker went through specific details which the user reportedly got from being "involved in the process of creating the ARG (Alternate Reality Game)," which  is expected to be revealed alongside the new game.

According to the Reddit user, the release of the game has been scheduled for November 2017, where it will be rolled out for Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft's Xbox One, the Nintendo NX and PC.

The engine to be used for the game is said to be FrostBite 4. It will allegedly be more interactive than its predecessor, since the environment is destructible.

Also, the game will also allegedly focus on the campaign more than the multiplayer mode, though the latter will not be scrapped.

While these details and screenshots can appear very appealing, particularly to fans of "Star Wars: Republic Commando," Techno Buffalo believes it is a bit far-fetched and cited a couple of inconsistencies in the post.

"One thing worth noting here is that Alpha_Cukie indicates that the site's countdown expires on June 15 during EA's presentation. Here's the thing ... EA's press conference has always been on Monday. June 15, 2016 is a Wednesday," the outlet noted.

Either way, the only way to find out the truth is to wait for official announcement directly from the game developer or some other more reliable leaker.

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