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What to Expect from the X-Men Franchise in 2016: Movies, Release Dates & More

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2016 is depicted as an exciting year for fans, as movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other mutant-related flicks and TV shows expand the booming X-Men franchise.

In a Movie Pilot unofficial guide to upcoming X-Men movies and series related to the mutant superheroes, the Ryan Reynolds-starrer flick "Deadpool" is at spear-point in the extended list of films showcasing X-Men characters this coming February.

It follows the story of Wolverine's former comrade-in-arms Wade Wilson, who agrees to undergo an experiment that gives him superhuman powers in order to cure his terminal cancer.

He then becomes Deadpool, who first made his theatrical appearance in the 2009 film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

Many are excited about Wade Wilson's upcoming solo flick, since it presents a chance to correct several 'mistakes' made in the X-Men film that became subject of criticism for the character portrayal by Reynolds.

"I like that movie, but Deadpool at the end was horrible. I do think however, that Ryan Reynolds towards the beginning was perfect. But this new version is definitely going to be the best one yet!" the Movie Pilot report read.

The character will remain the "Merc with a Mouth," and will be featured in the first-ever R-rated comic book movie, Cinema Blend noted.

Next on the list is the highly anticipated "X-Men: Apocalypse." This will star Oscar Isaac in the titular villain role, and is set for release on May 27.

According to Cinema Blend, this is the sixth X-Men film, and will narrate the story following the events that began in "X-Men: First Class," showcasing teenager versions of the original X-Men members.

Aside from that, Movie Pilot also noted that the film will showcase "familiar mutants with new actors, familiar mutants with the same actors, and new mutants."

Aside from that, it is also expected to bring a new flavor to the franchise as it ends the second trilogy that began with "First Class" and was continued in "Days of Future Past."

The third and final X-Men film expected in the franchise is another origins film, this time featuring the kinetic-energy manipulating mutant known as "Gambit."

While not much is known about this film, Movie Pilot believes that Taylor Kitsch should reprise the role he first took on in "Wolverine."

Unfortunately, word from producer Lauren Shuler-Donner confirmed that she wants Channing Tatum to portray the rogue mutant.

"And it appears that after a few months, it is legit: Channing Tatum is Gambit, the Ragin' Cajun, signed, sealed, delivered," Cinema Blend reported two years ago.

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