Updated 07:31 AM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Ex-Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers Surprised with Chelsea's Decision to Sack Jose Mourinho

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Former Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers has expressed his surprise at Chelsea's sacking of Jose Mourinho last month.

Daily Star reported that Rodgers got concerned when the former Chelsea manager was fired, since he claimed it could be followed by similar cases in the future.

"Was I surprised Chelsea let him go? Yes. You see the success he's had as a manager but especially last year -- they were champions; he signed a new contract," Rodgers said.

The same report highlighted that Mourinho was able to lead his former team to the Premier League during the previous season, but he still got booted out.

"Clearly something wasn't working well but you just felt that if Jose Mourinho goes with the success he's had, then the game is changing," the ex-Liverpool boss said in the Daily Star report.

He explained that Chelsea also experienced a poor start even with his star players, which also reflected on Mourinho.

Last Dec. 17, Chelsea decided to bid goodbye to Mourinho, saying it was because he had a rift with the players on the team, as per Telegraph.

The team admitted that they were having troubles with their strategy, but dismissed the claim that it was because of the doings of their own players.

With his recent statement, Rodgers was referring to a similar experience since London24 noted that the managers also got sacked after a "slow start" in Liverpool.

It was explained in an earlier BBC report that Rodgers was fired by Liverpool after being the team's manager for three and a half years.

Liverpool said in a statement quoted by the same report that the decision to let Rodgers go was a difficult one, but noted that it was what the team deemed as necessary for their success.

A few months after leaving the football club, Rodgers said that he is currently enjoying time with his family, but noted that he could go back to leading a team by summer.

He also mentioned IN London24 that he had a great experience with Liverpool, and that he is excited with his next challenge as a team manager.

"I would consider going abroad, I have had a few offers abroad and at home, but I want to motivation to be there," Rodgers added.

According to The Guardian, Rodgers' former team, Welsh club Swansea City, is now being linked to the former Liverpool manager.

Rodgers said it is something that he would consider, but noted that he is still taking his time to recover and gain back his motivation before entering into any deal.

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