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'Arrow' Season 4: Roy Harper's Return to Put A Character in Danger? [Spoilers]

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Ever since it was announced that Roy Harper will find his way back to Star City once more in "Arrow" season 4, it easily brought forth excitement from fans, but more importantly, it raised questions. Just what would Arsenal be doing back in town?

It turns out that it has something to do with the love of his life Thea, and her tendency to deflect and absorb Damien Darhk's magic. Whatever this new adventure will be, executive producer Wendy Mericle promised to TV Line that it will be a "really cool and emotional story."

According to International Business Times, Roy will be a great help to Thea as she struggles with her bloodlust, which is getting worse, as seen in the last "Arrow" season 4 episodes. While Darhk's power somehow allows her to take the shortcut, she has yet to figure out a way to make that permanent.

With Roy around, maybe it will be easy for Oliver's little sis to go on by reminding her of the humanity and heart that would never be taken away by the Lazarus Pit waters that brought her back to life. Hopefully, Roy's words will be enduring.

Mericle also noted that Roy will only be around "temporarily," which means he won't always be there for Thea. Even so, fans are very much wound up to see Colton Haynes's character back into the fray once more to rally round the team during the back half of "Arrow" season 4.

Whether or not he will be donning his cool red outfit to fight alongside Team Arrow remains to be seen. Fans will remember that Thea has modified Roy's costume to make it her own as she took on the name Speedy when she fights on the field.

For the uninitiated, in the previous season, Roy left the city (which was then known as Starling City) to start a new life after leading everyone to believe that he was the hooded vigilante Arrow, and that he died inside the prison.

Elsewhere, "Arrow" season 4 is approaching that time in a season where the big bad brings out the big guns. In this case, Damien Darhk will be more atrocious than he already is.

"We're going to do something that's never been done before on Arrow with the Big Bad. [Episode] 15 is a real game-changer episode for us," executive producer Marc Guggenheim told IGN.

"Arrow" season 4 will resume January 20 on CW.

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