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Chicharito Hernadez News 2016: Bayer Leverkusen Crowns Javier for Three Kings' Day

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In celebration of the Three King's Day in Spain and Latin America, Bayer Leverkusen forward Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez was one of the players who wore a crown in an image that recognized his achievements for the team.

A Twitter photo of the team showed Chicharito beside teammates Stefan Kiessling and Karim Bellarabi, who were also considered to be part of the "three kings" of Bayer Leverkusen.

The image came with the caption: "What accomplishments will Bayer's Kings bring us?"

Hernandez became one of the greatly celebrated players on the team because of his contributions to Bayer Leverkusen since he became part of it.

Orlando Sentinel noted that the 27-year-old forward has scored 19 goals in his 22 games with the German club.

It also claimed that his productivity on the field made him the "hottest goal scorer in the world" and a great addition to Leverkusen.

Prior to his arrival to the German club, reports swirled that Chicharito was in talks with MLS and Orlando City, but he tried not to answer questions about the negotiations in a recent interview.

"That's a question for my agent, because for me I just, I knew that some of the people who [work] for MLS, yeah of course there were rumors, there were things, there were talks, but I was very focused to be there in Manchester United to try to make the best decision," Chicharito was quoted by Orlando Sentinel as saying.

Aside from the photo, the German club also visited a children's medical facility in Orlando to celebrate the visit of the Three Kings -- Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar -- to the infant Jesus after his birth, bringing with them gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The Dia de los Reyes or Three Wise Men Day, on January 6, is considered to be one of the most important celebrations in Latin America communities.

Parade said that this is the culmination of the Christmas celebrations in most Latin American countries.

It dished that one of the highlights of the celebration is the serving of the so-called "King's Cake" or "Rosca de Reyes," which is an oval-shaped cake that symbolizes the infant Jesus and his crown. The cake is also said to be decorated with dried fruits, to represent the jewels in the crown.

Meanwhile, Hispanic Culture Online explained that this tradition is also observed in Puerto Rico, where the young ones are told that the Wise Men will leave their presents inside the shoes.

In exchange, children also leave water and hay for animals, and cookies and milk for the Wise Men outside their houses. They are usually excited when they wake up early in the morning to see if the presents they asked for were granted.

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