Updated 05:23 PM EDT, Wed, Oct 27, 2021

Pep Guardiola News: Douglas Costa Wants Coach in Brazil

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FC Bayern midfielder Douglas Costa is positive that he and departing team manager Pep Guardiola will work again for the Brazil national team.

Goal.com noted that Costa has already accepted that their boss will be leaving by the end of the season, but he remained hopeful that they will be able to work again.

"It's true. I came to Bayern for Pep. [Guardiola as Brazil coach] would be great. Pep Guardiola is very respected in Brazil as people love his offensive style of football. I think it would be great if I could play with him in the Selecao someday," Costa was quoted by Goal.com as saying.

The midfielder noted that he was previously criticized in Brazil because of a misplaced pass, but noted that the fans are now more patient with him.

According to BBC, Guardiola announced that he will not renew his contract with Bayern by the end of the season, and expressed his plan to work in England.

"I want to experience a new city and I want to work in England. I have several offers from England but I haven't signed anything yet," the manager said, noting that moving to the country is the right move for him.

Irish Examiner said some of the teams with great interest in Guardiola is Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

There has been no confirmation on what club Guardiola will be joining after his stay in Germany, since he is still considering what team to choose. He also clarified that he has not yet decided on the matter.

"I have several offers, but have not yet committed myself. When I have a new club, the club will communicate that," he told Irish Examiner.

But Metro noted that the FC Bayern manager wants to replace Arsenal boss Arsene Wegner. It added that it is still unclear if Wegner will indeed be leaving his team, but claimed that Guardiola will be a great replacement for him.

Whatever team he chooses, this move in his career is the fulfilment of Guardiola's dreams, as former Barcelona player Xavi told ESPN that the former always dreamed of managing the Premier League.

Xavi claimed that the Guardiola "spoke glowingly" when the Premier League was the subject of their conversations.

"There was never a question of if Pep was going to manage in England -- the only question would be when," Xavi said in the ESPN report.

He added that the FC Bayern manager always talked highly of the Premier League, and the quality of its teams and players.

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