Updated 12:36 PM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

Vladimir Putin Book of Quotes Reportedly Given to Politicians as Christmas Gift

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Russian politicians received the gift of words for the holidays, in the form of a collection of quotes by President Vladimir Putin. RBC reports that at least 1000 people were given the 400-page tome titled "Words That Change the World."

Kremlin adviser Vyacheslav Volodin recommended that the book be read by senators and politicians over the holidays, as he believes it will help the recipients get a better grasp of the "values and guiding principles" that direct the country.

MPs, regional governors and civil society representatives are among the personalities that were given a copy of Putin's "prophetic" words, which Kremlin argued, during a meeting at the presidential administration, should altogether be required reading for every lawmaker.

As per BBC, "Words That Change the World" includes a verbatim of 19 of the Russian president's speeches from all the way back to 2003, including the one he delivered in Munich in 2007 about how the US sought to control the global order, as well as his 2014 speech where he defended the seizure of Crimea.

"We noticed that everything Putin says to some extent comes true," Anton Volodin, a member of a pro-Kremlin youth movement called Network (which published the book), believed to be the originator of the tome, stated. "Putin's words can be described as prophetic," he added.

In the preface of "Words That Change the World," Network typed and highlighted the text that said, via RBC "These are the words that are predicted and predetermined global changes in world politics."

The authors from Network also had commentaries before each of the speeches were laid out to the letter. In fact, the note by the group on the first speech in the book from 2003 read in English:

 "If those who in 2003 were present at the General Assembly, listen to the words of Putin, the world would be very different - hundreds of thousands of people would still be alive, and Europe is not flooded to the wave of refugees from the Middle East."

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov clarified that the presidential government has nothing to do with the action, which is earning Putin comparisons to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and Chairman Mao Tse-tung, as per Telegraph.

"I haven't seen this book, I haven't read it and I don't know who is sending it around," Peskov said via the aforementioned publication. "Words That Change the World" will be published by Network in Russia in late January, and will be translated in English in the future.

Watch Putin deliver his speech in 2007 in Munich about his accusations against the US.

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