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'Shadowhunters' TV Show Cast, Trailer & Episode 1 Release Date: What 'Mortal Instruments' Adaptation is About [Spoilers]

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Two more weeks to go and fans of bestselling author Cassandra Clare will finally be able to see a live-action TV reimagining of her six-book saga "The Mortal Instruments," which also serves as her most popular work.

The series adaptation is titled "Shadowhunters" and will premiere in ABC Family (soon to be called Freeform) next month. The upcoming series is called that way because the majority of the protagonists are called shadowhunters or humans with angelic qualities.

Katherine McNamara will play the role of heroine Clary Fray. On her 18th birthday, she realizes that she is not just a normal human but a shadowhunter. The 20-year-old star, who is a fan of Clare's work, recently sat down for an interview with Hidden Remote to talk about the series.

Acknowledging the "Mortal Instruments" movie adaptation that starred Lily Collins in 2013, McNamara said that "Shadowhunters" is being made with a "different lens," despite the show expected as a continuation of the film. She also promised that it will be a real treat especially for fans who read the saga.

"We are taking it with a clean slate and it's going to be a little darker, a little grittier and putting some fresh eyes on the story. We still have the same story arc and point of view as the first book and stay true to the characters. We have more time for the characters and dig deeper into who they are and what this story means," she explained.

A trailer for the "Shadowhunters" was recently released by ABC Family to acquaint viewers, especially those who haven't read the books yet, with the creatures, weapons and basically everything that they will encounter in the series.

The clip is the second part of the Mundane's Guide to "Shadowhunters," with the first one released just a week ago. Here, the cast members helped viewers learn about everything "Mortal Instruments" such as a Parabatai, two close friends whose hearts beat as one.

Matthew Daddario and Dominic Sherwood's respective characters Alec Lightwood and Jace Wayland are a Parabatai. A seraph blade, on the other hand, is a metal weapon that can kill a demon with a "single swipe."

Meanwhile, Alberto Rosende, who plays Simon Lewis, explained in the video that a Downworlder is someone who resides in the Shadow world but isn't a shadowhunter. Clare added that they are "supernatural creatures" that are neither good nor evil.

Lastly, the clip showed a glimpse of the hideous Ravener Demon, who has tentacles for jaws. McNamara noted that her character will encounter a lot of these creatures in her journey.

"Shadowhunters" will premiere on Jan. 12, 2016 on ABC Family. According to The Bookseller, Netflix will stream the first season right after its entire first season debuts in the said network. Needles to say, this is something fans are very much excited about.

"Cassie's many fans in the UK and other international territories have been waiting eagerly to hear news of the Shadowhunters TV series. We're delighted that Netflix will be showing it so soon after the US release, so that existing fans and a whole new audience can share in the excitement of this amazing series brought to live on TV," Walker Books fiction publisher Gill Evans said.

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