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Future Star Wars Movie to Resurrect Darth Vader? [Details]

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The Star Wars Extended Universe continues to expand, with new merchandise and films now in the works.

As "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" breaks box office records, Making Star Wars announced a special book, called the "Art Of Star Wars The Force Awakens," that revealed the original plan to include an appearance of Darth Vader in Episode 7.

In the book, concept artist Iain Mccaig explained his proposal of including Anakin Skywalker as a Force Ghost in the flick.

But for some reason, the Sith Lord merely remained an idea and never really made an appearance in the film, even if his presence was felt specifically with Kylo Ren's mission, Cinema Blend noted.

Fortunately, there is still hope that the original character will appear in the future -- specifically in the new Star Wars trilogy, according to Making Star Wars.

"I think that this idea may still be forming and we may actually see this come true in Episode 8. Rumors have been circulating over the last few months that the stunt team that worked on Force Awakens is also training Hayden Christensen who portrayed Anakin Skywalker in the prequels," the outlet explained.

Christensen being trained by stuntmen may not be sufficient proof that the dark-cloaked Sith Lord will be appearing in future "Star Wars" flicks, but the book shows Anakin's ghost juxtaposed to the infamous Vader helmet.

This, Cinema Blend notes, may mean that Anakin may not have been completely redeemed himself, even after the events in "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi."

"The art also seems to indicate that the ghost of Vader would have not been a completely redeemed Anakin. The images presented showcase an angry spirit blended with equal parts Anakin and Vader," the outlet explained.

This speculation is echoed in a report from Comic Book that notes how the light and dark side of the character may be at war.

However, according to the outlet, the rumors of Christensen's appearance in upcoming Star Wars movies, produced by Disney, are "unsubstantiated."

Aside from that, Lucasfilm's partnership with Disney may mean a different and more liberated Star Wars Universe, as the latter attempts to provide the franchise with "more creative freedom."

The Cinema Blend report noted that such freedom would be a way for Disney and Lucasfilm to keep what could work in future movies.

"If nothing else [the inclusion of original characters] shows that those involved in the progression of the saga do not want to forget that the prequels ever occurred; they simply wish to take what worked, and discard what didn't," the report stated.

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