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Eight U2 Songs for 'Rock Band 4' Now Available

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"Rock Band 4" is looking to have an explosive year in the charts. Eight songs from iconic Irish rock band U2 will be launched in the "Rock Band 4" music store today.

The popular music game allows gamers to get a feel for being in a live music band across different decades and music genres, using different instrument controllers that simulate playing lead and bass guitar, drums and vocals. The fourth installment of the gaming franchise was available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 6, 2015.

In a report with Game Spot, Harmonix made the announcement yesteday, along with news of a special discount on the popular game at Best Buy. The songs included in the game's "Essentials 01" track pack include some of the band's most famous songs, spanning across the decades, such as "Sunday Bloody Sunday," "Where The Streets Have No Name," "Desire" and "The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)."

The gaming website says that the fourth installment of the game marked the gaming developer's return to the franchise after what was a three-year hiatus. "Rock Band 4" emphasizes the game's social interactions, as well as new features that will enable gamers to add some improv to their performances, such as freestyle solos and freeform melodies.   

Two U2 songs, "I Will Follow" and "Cedarwood Road" are already included in "Rock Band 4's" core soundtrack.

The said songs are available at an individual price of $2 each. The songs can also be purchased as a package for $13.49. The gaming website also noted that more songs from the Irish rock band will be added much later, since U2 has a notoriously huge discography.

According to IGN, Harmonix made a prior announcement that an online multiplayer feature is a possibility, although they are currently unsure where the feature will fit into the game.

Best Buy also announced that they will be holding a one-week "Rock Band 4's" guitar+game and Band-in-a-box bundles. The package is being offered for $100 (formerly $130) and $200 (formerly $250) respectively.

Harmonix also announced that it had answered many gamer's requests to introduce new features into the game. The game developer announced that setlists and practice mode will be available for free in 2016. The gaming company also announced that they will be making plans to focus on exporting songs from the original Rock Band and that "Rock Band 2" and "LEGO Rock Band" will follow suit.

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