Updated 03:36 AM EDT, Wed, Sep 22, 2021

ISIS In Possession of Dangerous Sophisticated & Chemical Weapons

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The Islamic State is not backing down from their desire to rule in the Middle East, as well as the rest of the world: They're beginning to rake in millions in order to obtain what Western Journalism deemed to be a scary development, as they have just obtained a slew of sophisticated and chemical weapons.

As noted, the caliphate has shown that they can force down planes with the help of their vast wealth. A report from the Mirror previously stated that a new missile from the caliphate was able to bring down an airplane, saying that Western defectors of ISIS haVe now "managed to create a devastating weapon." The terrorists behind the construction of such weapon were said to be from Denmar and Russia, and their missile is said to be able to shoot down an airplane at 10,000 to 12,000 feet high.

Western Journalism said that the consequence of the state's access to dangerous weapons could disrupt the civilian air traffic in the region, noting that just a few months ago, the Russian civilian airplane that they downed above the Sinai desert in Egypt was made possible with the help of a crude bomb smuggled onto the plane.

Syrian activist group called "Raqqa Is Being Silently Slaughtered" claimed that ISIS wants to carry out more sophisticated attacks on France, US, and Russia, and has said that they have seen the truck that carried the air missile, adding that ISIS has installed its radar in its capital, Raqqa. The said launcher was developed in a weapon factory in Iraq, and was later transferred to Syria, where it was connected with the local radar system.

What makes this even more terrifying is that reports have suggested that the weapons actually came from a member of the Turkish opposition, Erem Erdem. Erdem said in an interview on Monday that the terrorist group has received a shipment of deadly nerve gas, Sarin. The components of the said toxic gas were smuggled from Turkey "under the nose of the Turkish government."

As for where ISIS got the money for all of these weapons, News Max reported that the terrorist group has collected as much from a monthly tax grab. on top of their typical oil profits. The Financial Times noted that ISIS can actually rake in about $40 million every month. The taxes, known as Zakat, have been used, justified by the text from the Q'ran that allows the use for such money for a holy war, which radicals insist that they are fighting.

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