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XBox Live Free Games: Microsoft Shells Out $900 Worth of Games for Gold Members

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Xbox has handed out $900 worth of games for its Gold subscribers.

Every month, Microsoft has been offering a bunch of games at great discounts as a part of the Games for Gold promotion, WinBeta wrote. According to a report from Polygon, a total discount worth $946.53 was offered to customers who own both of the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One consoles. Subscribers of the Xbox Live Gold membership with a $60 fee has the freedom to choose from almost 42 game titles for free download.

Christian Today wrote that this strategy followed by Microsoft entails releasing a number of games on Xbox Live for free, while a sequel or a new gameplay is in development. With this, players are given the opportunity to experience the original game before its new version is launched on Xbox.

Jobs and Hire reported that the role-playing game, "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing," will be free for Gold members for the whole month of December. The 1998 original game reboot, "Thief," is available from Dec. 15, 2015 to January 15, 2016.

In addition, those who have the Xbox 360 gaming console can play "CastleStorm" for free until Dec. 15, the news outlet noted. "CastleStorm" is all about attacking and infiltrating enemy fortresses through strategic component involving attacks and physics.

For the rest of December, Xbox 360 members will be able to play two games, "Sacred 3" and "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising," Jobs and Hire added. Keen Games' "Sacred 3" is an arcade hack-and-slash game that can accommodate up to four players. "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising," on the other hand, is a military simulation game focused on a fictitious conflict on one of the Sakhalin islands.

Polygon's report also highlighted the highest game discounts, such as the "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" and "BioShock." Check them out below, including the rating provided by Metacritic, highest priced games on both platforms, and more.

  •  Xbox 360: 78.5 Metacritic average, $21.60 per title.
  •  Xbox One: 72.77 Metacritic, $18.08.
  •  Highest rated Xbox 360 game: "BioShock Infinite" (93)
  •  Highest rated Xbox One game: "Rayman Legends" (91)
  •  Highest price Xbox 360 game: "F1 2013" ($39.99)
  •  Highest price Xbox One games: "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag," "Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition," and "Thief" ($29.99)
  •  Lowest rated Xbox 360 game: "Sacred 3" (51)
  •  Lowest rated Xbox One game: "Pool Nation FX" (30)
  •  Lowest price Xbox 360 game: "CastleStorm" and "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising" ($9.99)
  • Lowest price Xbox One game: "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising" ($9.99)

Last week, The Verge's interview with Remedy's Sam Lake, Armature Studio's Mark Pacini, and Chris Novak from the team behind Microsoft's cloud platform, Azure, revealed that "Quantum Break," "ReCore," and "Crackdown 3" could head to the Xbox One in 2016. 

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