Updated 10:15 AM EDT, Wed, Apr 21, 2021

Microsoft to Add New Games to the XBox One Lineup?: 'Quantum Break,' 'Crackdown 3' & 'ReCore' [Details]

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A lengthy interview focused on the Xbox revealed that three games could be added to the Xbox One lineup.

The Verge's interview with Remedy's Sam Lake, Armature Studio's Mark Pacini, and Chris Novak from the team behind Microsoft's cloud platform, Azure, shared that "Quantum Break," "ReCore," and "Crackdown 3" could head to the Xbox One in 2016.

Lake said that making "Quantum Break" is akin to creating a whole console bit by bit. The game is the first title to include a TV show and an actual game on the same disc, and has constructed two sides of the same story as well.

"Step by step, certain things that had been more important [for Xbox One] became less important, where others turned out bigger than in the original plan. First and foremost, it's this big, story-driven, cinematic action game. It is a core game, in many ways. With some trial and error and experiments along the way. I think that's where Xbox One [as a console] has landed, too - where games matter," Lake told The Verge of the Xbox One's path to redefining current video games.

Pacini also talked about "ReCore," which, up to now, people know little about.

"'ReCore,' at its heart, harks back to a different era in gaming and trying to put a new spin on it, based on games that myself and Inafune-san have done in the past that aren't really being done anymore. (...) It feels like, for us, the runway's been kind of cleared. So we can just concentrate on making a really good game and putting features in that make sense for this game," Pacini explained to the news outlet.

"Crackdown 3," a third-shooter game showcasing mass-scale destruction, is expected to be released around Q2 or Q3 of 2016, CrossMap reported.

Xbox Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg said that developer Dave Jones' team is carrying out "innovation" on "Crackdown 3" using Cloudgine technology's help, adding that the real-time destructible environments of the game "just kind of blows" his mind, the news outlet noted.

Since Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been around for just two years, Greenberg admitted that game developers are still beginning to utilize what the latest technology can offer.

"I think that is reinventing the way games are made using technology that we didn't have last-gen. When you think about what is a true next-gen game, I think we're starting to see those games come out now. I think this year and even more next year when I see titles that literally could not be made without the technology that we have today," he explained, as quoted by CrossMap.

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