Updated 10:46 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2021

iPhone 7 Update: New Case To Give Buyers 25 Hours of Talk Time, Says Apple [Release Date, Specs & Features]

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The next-generation Apple phone is expected to extend battery after a new case has been introduced to the latest models of the iPhone. 

According to NDTV, the company has released a battery case which promises users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s up to 25 hours of talk time.

Costing $99, the Smart Battery Case is silicone-made and comes in charcoal gray and white color.

"It also gives users 18 hours of LTE use and 20 hours of audio and video playback," added the same report.

This will reportedly be the solution to the common iPhone problem of fast battery drain especially when one is using mobile data or WiFi.

As for its design, the new battery case has almost the same design as other cases of Mophie, which made the case, and whose products are sold by Apple in its stores, NDTV added.

Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook, said in a Mashable report that this is a very useful accessory for heavy iPhone users.

"If you're charging your phone every day, you probably don't need this at all. But if you're out hiking and you go on overnight trips... it's kind of nice to have," Cook added.

He also noted that the team that designed the case did a good job on its structure.

"If you make this solid all the way across, in order to get it on, you'd find it very difficult to get it on and off. So the guys had this great insight to put the bend in along with making it a smart case," the Apple CEO explained.

With the introduction of this battery case for Apple phones, the public is also expecting that it will be made available for the iPhone 7 as well, when it comes out next year.

Macotakara reports that KGI Securities specialist, Kuo, predicted that the upcoming iPhone model may have a Force Touch display and be made with 7000 Series aluminium. It is also predicted to be wider and taller by about 0.15 mm, and 0.2 mm thicker than the previous iPhone 6 due to the enhancements, and to also match the changes for the Force Touch feature.

The 7000 Series aluminium, which debuted on the Apple watch, is "alloyed with zinc, and can be hardened to the highest strengths of any aluminium alloy," according to Forbes. This feature will surely not have the Bendgate controversy repeated.

The device is claimed to have a new color, rose gold, as part of the new lineup of the iPhone. Macotakara added that this color of the phone will go perfectly with the Apple Watch Edition 18K Rose Gold model.

Silicon Angle said that the iPhone 7 could cost around $649 and $849 when it comes out next year.

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