Updated 07:22 PM EDT, Mon, Sep 20, 2021

Argentina News: Former President Cristina Kirchner Trying to Hurt the Government Before Mauricio Macri's Term

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Mauricio Macri hasn't even stepped into office yet, but it looks like the newly elected Argentine president will have a lot on his hands once outgoing president, Cristina Kirchner, leaves. Macri, who will be formally inducted into office on Thursday, has accused Kirchner of 'sabotaging his government.'

In a report with The Telegraph, Kirchner, who is called by some Argentines as 'The Botox Queen,' is due to hand over the keys of responsibility to the former Buenos Aires mayor this Thursday. Macri has already engaged in a public spat with Kirchner, and said that the outgoing president is preventing access to public accounts, thus preventing a smooth transition into office.

"This is a sad choice that the president has made. Everything she does that she thinks will hurt our government will in reality hurt all Argentines," Macri said.

Kirchner has kept herself busy following the last few days of her office. She has approved the delegation of billions of dollars of government spending to provincial governors. She also changed the budget for next year, and focused on increased spending on congress, the judiciary, and the security forces.

The outgoing president has also appointed a string of new ambassadors as her new appointees. Although Macri can definitely replace them, it would involve a lot of work. 

Macri will be inheriting these problems from Kirchner when he defeated the Kirchners' chosen heir-apparent, Daniel Scioli. Macri won the presidential race because of his broad coalition called, "Let's Change."  

Macri's move for change will be limited by the congress, as a majority of the senate are all part of Kirchner's coalition.  

Kirchner desires holding a farewell rally on Wednesday night, followed by a handover on Thursday. Macri wants the event to be held at the Casa Rosada presidential palace.

The outgoing Argentine president has also accused Macri of shouting at her on the phone on Sunday. She posted the lengthy rant on Twitter on Sunday.

"I had to remind him at one point that beyond our statures, he was a man and I a woman and he had no right to treat me in this way," she said.

Yahoo reports that Argentina is about to be ushered into a new era of change under the conservative Macri. He has already vowed to push Latin America's third-largest economy ahead, by putting an end to protectionist import restrictions, stopping heavy taxes on agricultural exports, and even scrapping the official exchange rate on the Argentine peso.

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