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WWE Monday Night Raw Spoilers, Preview for Jan. 06, 2013: "Old-School" Raw, Royal Rumble Match Between John Cena & Randy Orton Weeks Away

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Monday Night Raw will kick it old-school this week, as they commemorate the company's glorious past with former WWE stars appearing on the show to say "hello" to the WWE Universe. Scheduled to appear are Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, Diamond Dallas Page, Bob Backlund, Ted DiBiase, Rikishi, Scotty Too Hotty, New Age Outlaws, Gene Okerlund, Booker T and more surprises.

Stephanie McMahon has set WWE World Heavyweight Championship Randy Orton's next title defense, scheduled for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, slated to face John Cena in a re-match from their TLC match. McMahon did add one stipulation that may not be to the liking of the champion, ordering that the match will have no interference and can only be decided via pinfall or submission. How will both "The Apex Predator" and the challenger react to the news?

Meantime, thanks to Triple H, Brock Lesnar has put both Cena and Orton on notice that he is back in the WWE and will not wait around too long for his shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Mark Henry found that out the hard way, after having issues with the former MMA champion cutting ahead of the line, and paying a dear price by getting blasted through the crowd barricade and F5'd onto the hard floor, in a massive display of strength by Lesnar. Will anyone else dare step into Lesnar's path or will he bowl them over like he did with "The World's Strongest Man"?

CM Punk is playing a game of "Divide & Conquer" with The Shield, first pecking away at United States Champion Dean Ambrose's ego by reminding him he has already beaten him in one-on-one competition, then beating Seth Rollins in a singles match last week on Raw, as the former champion intends on finding out who is the "top dog" among the "Hounds of Justice." Punk will take on Roman Reigns this week but will The Shield show a united front and take advantage of the "numbers game" they implement so well or will they allow Punk to continue to splinter the group?

The Wyatts finally got their man last week, breaking Daniel Bryan down in a Gauntlet match; Bryan had been desperately trying to get his hands on Bray Wyatt after weeks of attacks and kidnappings against the former champion. Bryan could not overcome the power of both Erick Rowan and Luke Harper in back-to-back matches and eventually got worn down by Wyatt, who punished Bryan until he saw the light and joined the creepy clan. What is next for Bryan, as he follows the vultures down the Wyatts' dark path?

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