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Christmas Vacation Ideas: 5 Reasons You Should Visit South America for the Holidays

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What's a better way to spend the holidays than with a great Christmas vacation! And, we have the right spot for you -- South America. Experience warmness in the month of December.

Here we enlist the top five reasons why you should visit South America and its beautiful scenery. It offers one-of-a-kind experiences that you can't find anywhere else. 

Tourists want a vacation place not so far away from their home country to avoid being exhausted from all of the travel. South America is number one on the list, promising a short journey of just four hours from Miami, according to Viventura.

A second reason to visit is that South American countries have the same time zone as the United States. Travelers don't have to adjust to a different hour like they do when when they fly to other nations. Here, jet lag is not a problem. Precious time will not be wasted trying to cope. Instead, you can spend your time enjoying the taste of signature drinks like Coco Locos.

And for our top three, we have all of the delicious food that you can taste, of course! South America has the best foods to offer and vacationers will be sure to enjoy. Matador Network cited that citizens of this continent indulge themselves in lamb, pork and desserts when the holiday comes. 

Eat like a local by trying pan dulce, one of Latin Americana's best delicacies. It must be the first on your list. It is made of sweet, vanilla bread that can be topped with either nuts, almonds, raisins, chocolate chips or dried fruits. Other meals that you have to try to complete your visit are pristiños, buñuelos con miel with chocolate milk, tamales, and humitas.

Latin America also boast over their perfect roasts chicken and turkey. Added on the list of must-tries are Farofas, a toasted cassava flour mixture, and Cuscus, another traditional dish. Celebrate the good times with a flood of beer, wine and their very own version of the drink, "Cidra."

Need another reason to visit South America this year? Ask yourself if you're tired ot sitting in traffic. Let's be honest: nobody wants to waste time doing that. Fortunately, this is not a problem in South America. After all of the holiday hustle and bustle, book a flight to Buenos Aires' la city Porteña, which has almost no people lingering around on their streets on Christmas and New Year. Escape to your own quiet oasis.

Tourists can enjoy private moments in peace, cherishing the place with no interruptions or awkward feelings caused by onlookers.

And lastly, we have all of the awesome countries Latin America has to offer. Peru For Less noted the best countries travelers should visit. Up first is Rio de Janeiro, which has the best weather in December, while Lima Peru has the most beautiful beaches. Santiago, Chile is great for those who enjoy a more relaxing and slow holiday as its not as crowded as other Latin American countries. 

Watch the top ten things to do in South America by Donna Salerno Travel:

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