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MacBook 2016 : Apple to Introduce a New Line of Laptops? [Rumors]

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Just when you think there couldn't be anything else that Apple Inc could add to their line of gadgets, there are new rumors saying that the company is introducing yet another line of laptops for 2016.

According to Mac Rumors, there have been reports from a Taiwanese outlet that the Cupertino-based company is already preparing to introduce a revamped line of MacBook Air at the Worldwide Developers Conference next year, which will be held in June if Apple follows its schedule based on recent history. The new laptop is expected to launch by the third quarter.

So what can we expect from the MacBook Air 2016? The outlet mentioned that it will come with a slimmer design and will have two different sizes: the 13-inch and the 15-inch models.

The slimmer version is set with "fully redesigned" internal components, which Apple is currently working on with their current suppliers.

This revamp on the MacBook may mean that the company is not discontinuing their laptop line despite assumptions. Many thought that the company would stop production of MacBooks due to the fact that the declining costs allow the models to become Apple's mainstream offering. On the other hand, releasing a new line will give new life to the gadgets and will be considered as a surprise.

And then, there is the possibility of Apple dropping the "Air" moniker entirely, considering that the company is looking to "refresh" and simplify their offereings.

There are no details yet for the MacBook 2016's specs and features, however, Laptop Mag noted that if it will take a cue from the 12-inch MacBook design, an inclusion of the Force Touch trackpad is expected, as are 2K or higher resolution display, and low-voltage mobile CPUs from Intel. Hopefully, more than one type of USB type-C port will be made available as well. There are also other claims that say the next-generation MacBook will have a few more features, like new batteries, cooling modules, chassis, and more.

Whether or not Apple is keeping their current 11-inch model remains a question. According to 9 to 5 Mac, the iPad Pro and the MacBook are now encroaching on the same space as far as features and prices are concerned, so it is possible that the brand will discontinue the 11-inch laptop model entirely.

Do you think Apple is set on a slimmer model for next year? What do you think this means for the current MacBook models?

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