Updated 04:51 AM EST, Wed, Jan 27, 2021

Microsoft's Cortana Beta for iOS Devices Now Available for Testers

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Apple has Siri while Microsoft has Cortana. For those who are always on the lookout, the AI Assistant has been the major selling point of Windows 10, to what seems like good reviews so far.

However, Cortana's debut is a bit limited to Windows 10 and Windows phones, and it was only in August that it made its way to some Android devices. However, iOS users haven't had a glimpse of the tech yet. They will soon, though, because it looks like Cortana has finally made it's way to Apple, and it's now on its Beta stage of testing.

According to Tech Times, the Beta test is set for a very limited number, with only about 2,000 people gaining access to the Cortana app. However, many who signed up for the Beta test have said that they are still yet to receive their invite, which could mean that Microsoft is slowly rolling it out.

What those who did get the invite notice off the bat, though, is that Cortana for Apple is missing a few features, for instance, the "Hey, Cortana" gesture is not working yet.

The test for Cortana for iOS is for the assistant to help Windows users with iPhones connect the two platforms, which comes in handy when you're not too loyal to either brand. Tech Crunch explained that Microsoft suggested how one could set reminders on the the PC, and then be notified via phone.

Cortana could be used for tasks, making appointments, sending emails or texts, set reminders per location and time across your PC and phone. It also has a few other perks, such as package tracking, flights, stocks, and even sports scores.

The app is pretty heavy-duty. It can also search Bing, get directions, get restaurant information, keep track of movie and TV listings, and even open apps.

In short, it's everything you want your AI to be.

In other Cortana news, Neowin reported that the app can also add academic options to notebooks. The new Academic option includes "conference updates", "news updates", and "new papers". It also has the ability to specify a "field of study" that you want to keep track of.

There's no update on how it works yet, although if it is successful, then it will prove to be invaluable for students around the world, with information right at their fingertips.

Are you excited for Microsoft's Cortana on your Apple gadgets, or are you keen on Siri as your AI?

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