Updated 06:08 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 22, 2021

'Lara Croft Go' Coming to Android & iOS Devices: Free Update Introduces 26 New Levels

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She's hot, she's gorgeous, she's bad-ass, and she's coming to mobile.

Square Enix's, "Lara Croft GO," is bringing the game to mobile, right around the time when fans are looking forward to the release of the "Rise of the Tomb Raider" installment for the Xbox One, set to be released this fall.

With "Lara Croft GO" for Android and iOS, gamers will have something to look forward to as the company announced that it will be rolling out the Shard of Life expansion for Android and iOS versions of the game.

Modern Readers reported that the expansion will come with 26 new puzzles to solve and as part of "Black Friday," and the new expansion is free. Good news for those who want to begin playing and does not have the game yet: Square Enix Montreal will give superb discounts: "GO" will be available for only $2.99 for a "limited" time period only.

For those unfamiliar with Lara Croft GO, Tech Times noted that it is a game whose character is somewhat similar to Indiana Jones, only that she's female and has no whip.

The game itself asks gamers to go through spatial puzzles, handle mind-bending situations, defeat monsters, avoid mortal injuries from traps, and collect artifacts.

The initial game has five chapters, with a total of 75 puzzles, however, with the new expansion pack, gamers can get the expanded game with 101 puzzles for a tempting price.

The sixth chapter takes the main character to a new place called the Cave of Fire, and her mission is to find a new obsidian stone, unveiling and collecting two additional artifacts on the way. The monsters are also going to be more of a challenge in this chapter than they have ever been before. And if you think Lara should get a new look, there are also two new costumes to unlock. It's great to download the game now, but as Modern Readers warned, the new levels are designed for more advanced players.

Square Enix should not disappoint: after the acclaim for their recently released mobile games,"Hitman GO" and "Hitman Sniper," "Lara Croft GO: The Shard of Life" should have enough hype and a lot of thrills for fans. The game is available for Android and iOS gadgets, but unfortunately there is no word yet as to whether or not Square Enix will be rolling out the same update for Windows phones as well.

For those with Android and iOS mobiles, however, are you ready to set the score for the latest "Lara Croft GO" game?

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