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PS4, PS3 & Vita To Release 'Attack on Titan' Game February 2016: 3D Maneuver Gear, Gameplay & Character Roster

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Good news for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita gamers out there as the action game, "Attack on Titan," will be coming to these consoles in February of next year.

According to Gematsu, this update was recently announced by the game's publisher, Koei Tecmo.

The same report added that product codes are included on the first-printed copies of the game, allowing players to have early access on "Eren & Levi's Cleaning Costumes" and also the "Duster Blade" weapon.

Along with this announcement, the game publisher also released the second official trailer of "Attack on Titan."

Koei Tecmo also reportedly continues to add more characters to the action video game. Among these characters are Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoe. These two new characters join a big list of powerful characters to add to the main personalities of this game. Other characters, like Armin, Jean, Annie, Ymir, Krista, Eren, Mikasa, Sasha, Conny, Reiner, Marco, Bertolt, Keith, Ian, Pyxis, and Rico are expected to take certain roles in the said game.

Set during the Battle of Trost, the upcoming game will have a "Treasure Box" edition which will sell for $104 for PS4 and PS3 and $96 for the PS Vita, as per Anime News Network. On the other hand, the regular edition costs $63 for the PS4 and PS3, while the regular PS Vita has a $55 price tag.

It also mentioned that a tutorial mode of the game will also be made available to the public and will be taken after the 104th Training Corps' drill grounds.

In addition, Siliconera noted that when the game becomes available next year, it will have elements like "cooperation with allies" and "sacrificing allies," making it appear like an hunting style game.

"It has opinions and feedback from series creator Hajime Isayama. The game is being made to follow along the original story," added the same report.

Another exciting part coming to the game, as per Siliconera, is the 3D Maneuver Gear, which can be used by the players to fight against the Titans.

Controls of the game and defeating opponents are said to be very easy and that anyone can do it, but gamers should learn how to do swift moves to be successful in the game

Meanwhile, the International Business Times noted that the story of the first season focuses on the first Titan attack and how its people learned how to fight back. The said adoption of the original story was done so that players and fans of the game will not be confused with its story.

It also noted that the game developer did not aim to retell the first season of the anime-based video game, but wanted to add new features and weapons.

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